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Ag-Right Enterprises (ARE) is a locally owned company founded in 1979 by Phil and Melinda Scott in Bakersfield California. In 1986 ARE moved to Madera California to be more centrally located to the grape industry. Over the years Ag-Right has worked with many companies designing and building machines to make agriculture equipment more versatile. In 1992 ARE and Sun Maid Raisins worked together to develop the first machine to harvest dried on the vine raisin harvester. This was a major break through, allowing raisins to dry on the vine instead of hand picking them and putting them on paper trays on the ground.

In 1998 Ag-Right also developed the Slider picking head to retrofit into existing machines. This Patented mechanism was the first picking head to be a combination trunk shaker and or a canopy shaker. The simplicity and versatility of this unit has given the growers the features and benefits they have been looking for years.

Over the years Ag-Right has come up with solutions to making the farmers harvest much easier. In doing so over the years we have patented over 19 different parts and equipment. These involving things such as the wedge mount that replaced the spring on a catch plate of a grape harvester. Some others are picking heads for grape harvesters and olive and pomegranate harvesters.




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